It Gets Awkward When Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Want to Hug This Courtside Fan (Video)

Kobe fan

A lot can be said about Kobe Bryant‘s friendliness (or lack thereof), but you can’t help but feel a little bad for him during this awkward encounter. He’s going to grab a seat on the bench, presumably done for the game, giving high fives and such when a fan seated next to the bench steps up as though she’s a Laker herself, looking for a hug.

Kobe doesn’t want to give her one, and I can’t blame him.

Take a look:

Man, it really looks like she had that hug on her mind all night. Like she picked an outfit that she thought gave her the highest chance of being hugged by Kobe.

They can’t all be game-winning shots that make the highlight reels, folks.

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