Red Sox Owner Defends Pablo Sandoval’s Portly Physique

Fat Pablo Sandoval 2

I guess if the guy who signs Pablo Sandoval‘s paychecks isn’t worried about the third baseman’s portly physique, the rest of us shouldn’t be either.

While speaking to the media at the Red Sox spring training facility on Wednesday, owner John Henry took a moment to address the elep—err, panda in the room. In a nutshell, Henry says the only thing that matters is Pablo’s performance on the field.

Of course, for a guy who says weight doesn’t matter, Henry still made sure to point out that Sandoval is actually in better shape this spring than he was last spring.

“The only thing I will say is that he came in with a body-fat ratio of 17 percent, substantially down from last year,” Henry said. “That’s what we were looking for. I don’t think you’ll ever see a thin Pablo…I know the focus is on his weight. But our focus was on his ability to field the ball and throw the ball, hit the ball, and so he has six weeks, as does everyone else, to get in first-class playing shape. That’s what Spring Training is about. I have every expectation that he will…Not many of us probably have 17 percent body fat. To me, I watched him play third today, and he looked good playing third. He carries a lot of weight. Hopefully that will be addressed during spring training.”

Have fun paying $17 million to a guy who can’t run from first to home without getting heatstroke, John Henry.

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