Redskins Sue Former Player They Accidentally Gave $40K Check To 4 Years Ago

H.B. Blades

This could only happen to the Washington Redskins. Former Redskins linebacker H.B Blades was overpaid a sum of $40,000 and Dan Snyder wants his money back NOW.

The overpayment allegedly happened back in 2012 and Blades refuses to pay them back so the Redskins are taking him to court.

According to TMZ:

The man with the extra dough is H.B. Blades — who was on the Redskins’ main roster from 2007 to 2010.

The team says it officially cut ties with Blades in 2012 and gave him a $40,000 severance check for his troubles.

The problem … they “mistakenly paid an additional $40,000 to Blades on Dec. 27, 2013 as a result of a clerical error.”


But sadly, the team says it realized the mistake and demanded the money back — but Blades refuses to pony it up. So, the Skins took their gripe to the judge … filing suit in NY federal court.

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