Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant Shared Some Words After Their Game (Video)

kobe vince carter

Memphis was the most recent stop on the Kobe Bryant farewell tour, and though Vince Carter might not seem like a contemporary of Kobe these days, there was a time when the two were vying together for superstardom in the NBA, with Kobe leading the Lakers while Vince Carter was being anointed the league’s next high-flying dunk ambassador as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

You can’t really tell what they’re talking about, but the image speaks to a different time, about 15 years ago.

Here’s the clip of the smiling, the laughing, the carrying on…

Either they were best friends, or Kobe just didn’t have anyone else to say hi to on the Grizzlies roster. Speaking of which, if you click that link, you’ll see that Marc Gasol is making $20 million per year from Memphis. What planet are we living on?


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