Rival Idaho High School Fans Brawl After Mascot Is Shoved (Video)

mascot brawl

So there was a high school basketball game in Idaho (it gets more interesting, I promise) between two rival teams.  And, as mascots do, they turned to their respective sides of the stands and danced, firing up their fan bases. Then they bumped into each other, and the bear-like one gave the Spartan-like one a little shove.

The Spartan brushed it off, but some of the Spartan’s supporters weren’t so graceful. They ran onto the court and decked the bear mascot. Then the stands sorta emptied.

Three cops got in the middle of things, and it was a pretty terrific time for everyone involved.

Take a look:

Fans of Madison and Highland…be proud. You fought over puppets. And it was fan-tastic.

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