Unnecessary Roughness: Falcons Defensive Line Coach Bryan Cox Shoves Cardinals Scout at Combine

falcons defensive line coach bryan cox shoves cardinals scout at combine

The NFL scouting combine is not much more than an amusing skills competition for most fans. But for GMs, coaches, and scouts it’s pretty stressful. They have to interview and evaluate dozens of potential draft picks, grading them on everything from character and work ethic to size and ability. And they have a very short window in which to do it. So it’s not hard to understand why tempers flare from time to time.

Tempers definitely flared over the weekend at the 2016 combine. Atlanta Falcons defensive line coach Bryan Cox apparently shoved an Arizona Cardinals scout.

The Falcons were interviewing a player and, when their allotted time was up, the Cardinals scout was waiting to escort that player to the Arizona interview room. However, this rubbed Cox the wrong way, and he shared some not-so-nice words with the guy before shoving him.

If there were refs at the scouting combine, the Falcons would have been handed a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Fortunately, cooler heads have since prevailed. While the Cardinals have decided not to comment on the matter, the Falcons issued a statement from Cox to Pro Football Talk.

“I intend to apologize to the young man for the incident that happened last night during the interview process. It shouldn’t have happened.”

Crisis resolved. Phew.

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