Here’s What Steph Curry’s Game-Winning 3 Against OKC Sounded Like in Korea (Video)

steph curry

Lest you think that Steph Curry‘s greatness is only being recognized in North America, you should check out this clip that shows the final seconds of the Golden State-OKC game, as called by Korean announcers.

Koreans are known for being wildly enthusiastic about certain aspects of pop culture, and it would seem that Steph Curry is one of those aspects.  Of course, the announcers were well within their rights to go crazy. That shot was an amazing cap to an equally amazing overtime game. And Steph being Steph is enough to make anyone lose their mind.

Here’s the clip:

Yeah, I think they offered up a proportionate response. It’s nice to see that the greatness of Steph Curry seems to be making its way over both oceans. The world will certainly want to see what he’s up to, especially come playoff time.

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