Want The Best Steph Curry 3s This Season? Here Ya Go! (Video)

steph curry

If you’re thinking that a highlight video containing the most jaw-dropping Steph Curry 3s in 2015-16 would be a long video, you’d be right. It’s four minutes of non-stop sharpshooting.

Like snowflakes, it seems that no two Steph Curry 3s are the same. Some are on fast breaks.  Some are set. Some are floating. Some are contested. Some are open. Some are long. Some are REALLY long.

Before carry on like Bubba Gump describing Steph’s 3s in one of the greatest NBA seasons ever, maybe you should just watch this amazing video:

If there was any question about how good a season this guy is having, this video should go a long way towards answering it. We’re not even 3/4 of the way through the season and this guy’s already got the record for most 3-pointers made.

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