Watch: Erin Andrews Tearful Testimony
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Watch: Erin Andrews Tearful Testimony in $75 Million Peeping Tom Lawsuit (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, March 1, 2016

erin andrews tearful testimony

On Wednesday Erin Andrews took the stand in her $75 million lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott and Michael Barrett, the man convicted of secretly recording her through a peephole back in 2008. As you would expect, things got pretty emotional.

In 2008, while still covering college football for ESPN, Andrews stayed at a Nashville Marriott while working a game. Barrett, who has already served a two-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to “interstate stalking,” explained in a deposition how the hotel accommodated his request for a room right next to hers. Then he explained how he sawed off the peephole in the door and record Andrews after she got out of the shower.

In her own testimony, Andrews broke down sobbing while explaining the emotional trauma the incident had inflicted—what it felt like when she learned there was a nude video of her on the internet, what it felt like when people accused her of doing it for publicity, and what it feels like every time some internet troll tweets about the video or sends her a screenshot.

Quite frankly it is pretty hard to watch.

Andrews’ father testified that his daughter has been “a shell of her former self” since the peephole incident.

Here’s hoping Andrews gets every last penny she’s asking for.

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