Iowa Kicker Wins $10,000 for Record-Setting 40 at NFL Combine (Video)

iowa kicker marshall koehn 4.6 40 $10,000

Kickers don’t get drafted very often, and on the rare occasion when they do get drafted it has nothing to do with how fast they are. However, that didn’t stop Iowa kicker Marshall Koehn (pronounced like “Kane”) from attending the 2016 NFL scouting combine this week.

Koehn’s goal? It wasn’t really to increase his draft stock because, again, as a kicker he doesn’t have any draft stock. Instead, Koehn just wanted to go out there and prove that kickers are athletes who deserve some respect. And as it happens, he did just that by posting a 4.6 in the 40-yard dash.

Take a look:

Now, a 4.6 isn’t particularly good for a receiver or a running back, but it’s good for just about everybody else. Koehn’s 40 was the fastest ever by a kicker, and it was faster than all but one quarterback and most linebackers, plus 10 wide receivers and five running backs.

Most importantly for Koehn’s finances, his 40 was faster than every other “specialist,” tight end, and offensive lineman, meaning he will collect $10,000 from Adidas for having the fastest time in his position group. (Yes, they group kickers in with tight ends and offensive linemen. Makes sense, right?)

This still won’t help Koehn get drafted, as CBA has the guy listed as the ninth-best kicking prospect. But his display of athleticism might very well help him get a job in the NFL next year.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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