NFL Logos as Food Is Your Latest Sports Logo Redesign (Pics)

We’ve seen NFL logos as Donald Trump. We’ve seen NFL logos as professional wrestlers. We’ve seen NFL logos as penises. Now the folks over at Uproxx give us NFL logos as food. But not NFL logos as just any old food. NFL logos as the food for which their home town is most famous.

That sounds way easier than it actually is. Obviously Buffalo is going to be the Buffalo Wings, and Philadelphia is going to be the Cheese Stakes, and Texas is going to be some kind of barbecue. But what the hell kind of food is Tampa famous for? Or Arizona? Or Washington?

Don’t know? Yeah, me either. But Uproxx did their research and found something for every NFL city (RIP St. Louis), then created logos for that food in the local team’s colors.

Here’s a sampling:



nfl logos as food rams

nfl logos as food seahawks

buffalo wings

chicago italian beef

fish tacos


beef brisket


nfl logos as food packers



rocky mountain oysters

beef ribs

clam chowder


Want to see the rest, including the entries for Tampa, Arizona, and Washington? Yeah you do. So click here and go check them out.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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