Steve Ballmer Throws Down a Trampoline Dunk (Video)

Steve Ballmer Trampoline Dunk

For most of the day, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was responsible for Monday’s most talked about trampoline dunk

But then, during the wee hours of the evening, 59-year-old Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer went and did this during halftime of his team’s home game against the Brooklyn Nets:

The purpose of the entire spectacle was to introduce the Clippers’ new mascot, Chuck the Condor:

Steve Ballmer’s trampoline dunk wasn’t the only awesome thing to come of this. Everyone in attendance at the Staples Center was also given a free pair of Chuck Taylors, just like the ones that Chuck the Condor wears.

And to top things off, Ballmer’s team went on to beat the Nets, 105-95.

It’s a good night to be a Clippers fan…or a fan of old, rich, white folks doing goofy sh*t.

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