Police Are Investigating a Buried Knife at O.J.’s Brentwood House

oj simpson

Details are still a little sketchy, and the whole thing sounds pretty damn crazy, but here’s what we know: At some point, (varying from 1998 to a couple years ago, per TMZ) a construction worker on a job at O.J. Simpson‘s Brentwood house found a buried folding buck knife and turned it over to an LAPD cop, who had it until early 2016, at which point he turned it over as evidence.

The cop, who had since retired, reportedly asked a friend on the force for the murder case number so that he could get the knife engraved and framed. (Weird as hell, isn’t it?)  His friend did not approve of the request and told his superiors about it, at which point they demanded it be turned over to the LAPD.

Regardless of what this knife means and reveals, O.J. Simpson cannot be retried for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (thanks to double jeopardy), but because he was found not guilty, the case can still be investigated by police.

Again, the news coming in at the moment is sketchy, and we don’t know why we’re just now hearing about this, or why a cop had the knife for such a long period of time before turning it over to the police as evidence. But it is an interesting matter, and I’m sure, amid all the madness of American Crime Story, people are eager to pick up this case where it left off following his acquittal in 1995.

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