Prince Was at the Warriors-Thunder Game, Looking Pimp as Hell (Video)

prince warriors

Prince is a pretty timeless quantity, but he makes himself scarce in the public eye.  So when he does show up, it’s newsworthy. He’s also not known to be a huge sports fan (Charlie Murphy anecdotes aside), so it was doubly fun to see him sitting in Oracle at the Warriors-Thunder game…

And that’s BEFORE we talk about how he looked.

He’s still rocking that look that makes him look like your aunt’s friend who’s really into tarot cards, but last night he was also rocking a cane and a hot woman who seemed to be leading him around. Dare I say, he was the Steph Curry of the arena’s audience last night?

He knew EXACTLY how awesome he looked. See it here:

It looks like he’s saying, “What do you want from me? To stop being awesome? Can’t do it, pal.”

Nor should he.

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