Former Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle Arrested Again For 6th Time In 17 Months

NFL Players Arrested This Offseason - Joseph Randle

Former Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle keeps digging himself a deeper and deeper hole since being released by the Cowboys in November. The 151st overall pick in the 5th round in 2013 has gotten himself arrested AGAIN after posting bail not to long ago. This time he’s gotten himself arrested for failure to appear, his 6th arrest in last 17 months; held on $150K bond.

Randle, a Wichita, Kan. native, was booked into the Sedgewick County jail early Sunday, records showed. His bail was set at $150,000.
He spent more than a week in jail last month and was released just last week. That arrest was related to charges of aggravated battery, criminal damage and possession of marijuana.
Police said Randle struck three people with his car on Feb. 21 after getting into an argument at a housewarming party in southeast Wichita.

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