Rams’ Tre Mason Arrested, Tased During Encounter With Police


Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason has gotten himself into a situation and a meeting with Mr. Goodell may be in his future. According to ESPN, Mason was pulled over by police in Hollywood, Florida after an officer observed him driving twice the 35 mph speed limit. Mason reportedly hesitated to pull over at first and then refused to provide his name or driver’s license. The officer smelled marijuana in the vehicle and attempted to arrest Mason, who resisted, prompting the officer to subdue him with a stun gun. Via ESPN:

”I warned the defendant if he did not identify himself he would be subject to arrest and he smirked as he was making eye contact,” Officer Lester Cochenour wrote in his report.

”The defendant was warned several times in a composed voice to stop resisting, exit the vehicle and if he did not comply with arrest, a Taser would be used,” the officer wrote in the report.

The officer says he then told Mason he was under arrest and asked him to exit the vehicle, but, according to the police report, Mason refused and tried to “brace himself” inside the car and showed “great resistance” when officers tried to pull him out. The officer says Mason was given several warnings before “a Taser was utilized on the driver to subdue him.”

Mason was taken into custody, and then taken to a local hospital for medical clearance.

Mason is charged with resisting arrest without violence, reckless driving, possessing less than 20 grams of cannabis and failure to register a vehicle.
Mason recorded the police stop on his phone, according to the police report.
Los Angeles Rams have released a statement:

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