The 2016 All Hockey Hair Team Is Here, and It Is Glorious (Video)

minnesota 2016 all hockey hair team video

If you know anybody from Minnesota, then you know Minnesotans love the All Hockey Hair Team. It’s right up there with the State Fair, Prince, and tater tot hotdish.

If you don’t know anybody from Minnesota, or are not lucky enough to hail from the Land of 10,000 Lakes yourself, allow me to explain. The All Hockey Hair Team is a gloriously low-quality video ranking the best hairdos at the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament, known to locals simply as “The Tourney.” And, over the last few years, it’s acquired a pretty huge following for a video about mullets and trash stashes. In fact, the last few additions have even featured famous hockey players and coaches.

The 2016 All Hockey Hair Team video? It doesn’t just feature some incredible hockey hair. It also features a cameo from the godfather of the modern hockey mullet, Barry Melrose.

Take a look:

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Personally I would have given top honors to #2, Jake from Litchfield. But I will admit I’m a sucker for Kenny Powers look-alikes. And it is pretty hard to argue with that foursome from Burnsville. They were pretty breathtaking.

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