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Did Cam Newton Troll Peyton Manning With “HiGH” Instagram Post?

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, March 7, 2016
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The great Peyton Manning called it a career today and finally retired from the NFL. Cam Newton, the guy his Broncos beat for his second ring gave him a shout out on Instagram, but something seemed off as you continue to read.

“You set the bar HiGH….extremely HiGH” is what the post said and social media noticed it immediately as they thought it was a shot at Peyton Manning’s HGH allegations. He’s since updated the post and the “HiGH” is now “H1GH.” 

The entire Instagram post reads as:

I am grateful to have shared the field in your LAST game but most importantly I am grateful to have mimicked a style you created to bring out the best in MË! And that style is/was mastering the art of: PREPARAT1ØN. You have changed this game in ways you will never no and I admire the man you are on and off the field. You set the bar H1GH….extremelyH1GH and knowing your family, I know that’s just the norm. I came into this league gagging and still gagging my talents to this day off of the things that YOÜ have done and accomplished; because you are and you will FOREVER be the STANDARD! So long SHER1FF! #omahaOMAHA#1STpickGÄNG#iWmW -1OVE