Boston College Senior Dennis Clifford Gives Heartbreaking Interview as Eagles’ Season Ends (Video)

Dennis Clifford

Boston College didn’t do well this season. The college basketball team didn’t manage one victory in the ACC conference and set the record for most losses ever (25) for an ACC team.

A terrible year, really.

When asked about how he’ll look at his time as a player for BC, senior Dennis Clifford gave a heartbreaking answer (from ESPN):

Afterward, Clifford was asked what his best memory of playing college basketball will be. He choked up and put his head down, pausing for more than 20 seconds. When he looked back up, his face was red, his eyes were welling.

His answer: “Going out to eat.”

Yikes. That’s…sad.

Here’s the video. It reminds you that on every losing squad, there’s a group of heartbroken competitors.

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