Timberwolves Fan Wears T-Shirt Reminding Team They Could Have Had Steph Curry in ’09 Draft (Pic)

timberwolves fan trolls team steph curry 2009 nba draft

Six players were selected in the 2009 NBA Draft ahead of Steph Curry. And given the way Curry has ripped the league apart the past two seasons, every team that picked ahead of the Warriors that year now wishes they could go back in time.

No team is kicking themselves more than the Minnesota Timberwolves, though. You see, the Timberwolves had two top-10 picks that year. They had their own #6 pick, and they had Washington’s #5 pick. And they used neither of those picks on Steph Curry, instead selecting Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn.

Flynn? That dude’s long gone. Last anybody heard he’s playing ball somewhere in Europe. Rubio? He’s fifth in the league in assists per game and sixth in steals. But he’s no Steph Curry. And apparently the Timberwolves were dangling him as trade bait at the deadline.

The fans? They are keenly aware of what might have been. Just check out the t-shirt Timberwolves fan Tom Linnemann (aka John Sharkman) wore to a recent game:

Of course, the shirt wasn’t made in Minnesota. It comes from the Bay Area, courtesy of graphic designer Tony Robles. Originally it was part of a limited run, but due to popular demand he did another run. Act fast (click here) and you might be able to get one for yourself.

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