Adam Schefter: “Players Treat Browns Organization Like College, 4 Years & Done” (Video)

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Browns are the running joke of the National Football League. No player wants to get drafted there and when they do, you’re guaranteed every January off because they don’t even come close to making the playoffs every year. Everyone expected QB Johnny Manziel to be released the 1st day of the new league year on Wednesday and so far…Nothing has happened.

Manziel is still partying it up every other night like he has been since like Week 4 of the 2015 season.

NFL insider Adam Schefter discussed the Browns situation on SportsCenter. In what may be an even more damning report, Schefter says players just want to get out of Cleveland as soon as possible after their four-year rookie contracts are up.

“There were some players and some agents who said … that the Browns players treat the Browns organization like it is a college experience, four years and done,” Schefter said.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report added this about the Browns:

“The Browns did not seem to be prepared and ready to negotiate with those players,” said Cole. “And, agents around the NFL indicated that the Browns were not ready to negotiate with other players the Browns seemed to be interested in. In other words, there was not a coordinated effort by the Browns front office to keep their own players or to get replacements at this point in time on the first and most critical day of free agency.”

Get it together Browns front office.

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