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Karate Kid Breaks Board with Hand, Has Amazing Delayed Reaction to the Pain (Video)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, March 10, 2016
Tags:  Cute Kids   Karate   Martial Arts   MMA  

karate kid breaks board delayed reaction to pain

I never took karate as a kid, and unless you count the few years in college when I was really into The Matrix I’ve never taken karate as an adult. So I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to break a board with my bare hands. I always imagined it would hurt quite a bit, though. So I was glad to learn from this video that I was right.

Well, maybe not glad. I do feel bad for the kid. But it’s also pretty hilarious. After lining up his karate chop just right, he breaks the board and walks away like a total badass. If the person who shot the video had stopped right there, the video wouldn’t be on the net right now.

However, the person shooting the video did not stop right there, so we all get to have a good laugh when, all of a sudden, the kid’s hand starts stinging like a mother&#%*er.

Take a look:

Don’t misconstrue my tone here. I’m not making fun of this kid. He just broke a board with his bare hands. He’s got at least a 1-0 lifetime advantage over me in that department. But come on, that reaction after he got back in line was priceless.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]