Kevin Durant Got an Old Fashioned Chris Paul Nutshot Last Night (Video)

chris paul nutshot

Chris Paul seems like a nice, mild-mannered guy, what with all the insurance commercials and his love of preppy sweaters. And off the court he probably is a nice, mild-mannered guy.

But on the court? On the court Chris Paul is an animal. A whiny, nut-punching animal.

Just ask Kevin Durant.

On Wednesday night the Thunder hosted the Clippers in a showdown of elite Western Conference teams that have no chance of getting past the Warriors or Spurs. With time winding down in the first half and OKC up by two, Chris Paul whacked KD in the nuts, then got open for a 15-foot jumper.

Here’s the entire possession for those of you who like context:

And here’s a Vine for those of you who just want to watch KD get whacked in the nuts over and over ad infinitum:

As I’ve strongly hinted, the Durantula is not the first player to find himself on the receiving end of a Chris Paul nutshot.

Here’s one from his college days at Wake Forest:

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And here’s one from earlier this season:

Maybe the league should, oh, I don’t know, do something about this?

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