Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Get Caught on Kings Kiss Cam (Video)

kobe kiss cam

A year ago, if Kobe had been caught on a kiss cam, he likely would have made some smirk to the camera then gone back to Tweeting or something. But we’ve got the kinder, gentler Kobe this year, so anything is possible.

He was attending a Kings game on an off night with his wife when, of course, the Kiss Cam found him and put him on the spot. Early on, things didn’t look good, but…

If anyone thought that the old Kobe would have a) smiled, b) offered up a PDA, and c) done both a and b in a heart made out of Red Vines licorice, they would have been committed. But things are different now, and the man’s getting slightly more likable in his old age.

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