Kevin Hart Challenges LSU Track Star to a Foot Race…and Wins! (Video)

Kevin Hart Race LSU

The last time we checked in on Kevin Hart, he was coaching and playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game. Before that, he was playing soccer in England. Now, he’s keeping his array of sports as diverse as ever by competing against LSU track star Jada Martin, one of the fastest women on the planet.

Martin had the talent (and stride length, no doubt) but Kevin Hart had the luxury of cheating by getting going on a false start.

In a real, fair race, I don’t see Kevin Hart winning. He would get SMOKED.

But this was not a real, fair race.  Check it out:

And here’s Hart gloating about his victory afterwards:

One for the ages? Not really, but Kevin Hart’s funny as always, even if he is a giant cheater.

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