Kobe Schools LeBron One Last Time During Final Meeting (Video)

kobe schools lebron

A lot of people always viewed LeBron James as the heir apparent to Kobe Bryant. And this makes sense when you look at the facts. For the first five years of LeBron’s NBA career, Kobe was arguably the best player in the NBA. In fact, Kobe won the MVP award in LeBron’s fifth season, after having led the NBA in points the previous three years. Then, the very next year, LeBron won his first MVP award.

Of course, Kobe wasn’t done dominating just yet. While James was MVP of the league in 2009 and 2010, Kobe led the Lakers to two more championships. But it was clear that Kobe was the past and LeBron was the future.

Now, finally, the future is here. On Thursday night in Los Angeles, Kobe and LeBron played each other for the last time. The two never really had an intense rivalry, seeing as how they never met in the playoffs, and how LeBron really isn’t the kind of player who has rivalries. But it was always special when those two played each other.

Fittingly enough, though Bryant’s final NBA season has been mostly terrible by his standards, Black Mamba managed to dial the clock back a few years for his final game against King James. While the Cavaliers came away with a 120-108 victory, Kobe managed to outscore LeBron 26-24. And it wasn’t one of those sloppy 10-for-30 games, either. Kobe actually shot a tidy 11-for-16, including 3-for-4 from beyond the arc.

He also managed to do this:


Sure, that play was statistically meaningless. But that’ll definitely be the way we remember Kobe’s last game against LeBron.

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