PK Subban Stretchered Off Ice After Scary Collision and Neck Injury (Video)

pk subban stretchered off ice after scary neck injury

Montreal Canadiens superstar PK Subban suffered a scary neck injury in an awkward collision with teammate Alexei Emelin late in Thursday night’s game against the Sabres.

Subban was pursuing the Sabres Marcus Foligno into the corner when he fell to his knees just as teammate Alexei Emelin was coming in to cut Foligno off. The result was an awkward collision in which Subban’s head hit Emelin’s hip, bending his neck into an unnatural position.

While Subban was obviously in discomfort after the play, he didn’t drop to the ice like a sack of potatoes the way you’d expect if somebody had actually broken their neck. However, it was still disturbing to see Subban stretchered off the ice.

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Subban was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but after a full slate of tests he was discharged late Thursday night with a non-serious neck injury.

It’s unclear at this point if he will miss any games, but it’s very clear that he’s a lucky man. That was a nasty collision that could have turned out way worse.

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