Wakeboarder Tries to Catch a Beer, Gets a Pole Jammed into His Ribs Instead (Video)

wakeboarder hits pole

Ouch! I understand the need (or desire, anyway) to want to do something cool while your friends are filming you, but nothing will ruin a fun trick faster than a shattered rib cage.

I’m hoping that the life vest bore the brunt of the load when this wakeboarder, eyes on the prize of an airborne can of beer, lost focus and smashed into a giant pole in a lake at a considerable rate of speed.

It’s painful and funny. Check it out:

Sauce: TFM

Man vs. Pole. Pole won. Pole stopped Man dead in his tracks. Man sinks to bottom of lake, never to be heard from again.

The pole is thought to be recovering gently in the same place the incident took place. Because it’s a pole, and poles don’t move.

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