Busty Chick Tells Twitterverse ‘Rob Gronkowski Motor Boated Me’ (Pics)

Gronk and Katie LaRowe

It must be nice to be Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.  When he’s not on the football field, scoring touchdowns and making a name for himself as one of the best ever at his position, he’s doing typical frat-boy stuff, like hosting party cruises, grinding with chicks, and motor-boating busty babes.

Today, we bring you news of Gronk taking part in the latter of those offseason activities, as the lovely Katie LaRowe took to Twitter recently to brag about having the lovable tight end’s face between her giant funbags:

Katie LaRowe Tweet

Hoping to get a better idea of what Gronk got himself into when he decided to dive in and motorboat Katie?  The gallery below should help (via Katie’s Instagram/BSO):


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