Adrien Broner, Classy Guy, Throws Cash in the Air at Wal-Mart (Video)

adrien broner wal-mart

Over the weekend, Adrien Broner reminded people how very wealthy he is by dressing like an unemployed person and throwing about six bucks in change up in the air at Wal-Mart while checking out.

And, of course, he had this spontaneous little expression of wealth and class captured by a friend with a phone.

I’m AB I don’t need no change……#AboutBillions

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A few things about this stupid act:

  • Wal-Mart is a bizarre place to flaunt your wealth.
  • Broner is dressed like a hobo.
  • Broner is an ass, and the people in line behind him are having absolutely none of it.
  • He’ll be broke in two years.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Adrien.

Oh, and here’s our favorite Adrien Broner video, footage of his DUI arrest from last year.

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