Dallas Cowboys Will Be Interested In Johnny Manziel If He “Gets His Life Back In Order”

Johnny Manziel - Dallas Cowboys

For months, as Johnny Manziel‘s relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers soured while Tony Romo‘s relationship with the injured reserved list grew stronger, it seemed like almost a foregone conclusion that Manziel would eventually go home to the Lonestar State. Everybody knew Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones wanted him. Rumor has it Jones pushed pretty hard to take Manziel with the 16th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, but for some reason he actually listened to his coaching staff and selected 2x Pro Bowler Zack Martin. If Manziel had been available at no. 33, there’s no doubt the Cowboys surely would have grabbed him then.

Unfortunately, a lot has changed since it became clear back in December that Johnny and the Browns were finished—specifically, a very serious domestic violence case that is now in the hands of a Dallas grand jury. And while the Cowboys had no problem taking a flier on noted domestic abuser Greg Hardy last year, it now seems they actually learned their lesson.

This week a Cowboys source told Dave Moore of the Dallas Morning News that the team has no interest in visiting with or signing Johnny Manziel, echoing a report by WFAA last month.

Of course, this is still the Cowboys, so there’s a catch. According to Moore, the Cowboys haven’t ruled out the possibility of signing Manziel eventually. They’ve simply ruled out signing him “until he gets his life back in order.” And that implies that, if he gets his life back in order, the Cowboys will be interested.

Then again, if Johnny Manziel actually got his sh*t together, half the teams in the NFL would be interested. The problem is, how do you know? It looked like Johnny got it together last year, but…um, no.

Stay tuned.

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