Ohio High School Basketball Regional Final Features Four Buzzer-Beaters (Videos)

ohio high school basketball regional final

A few weeks ago I told you about a wild high school basketball game that featured four overtimes and three buzzer-beaters.

Today we’ve got a high school basketball game that features two overtimes and four buzzer-beaters. Or five, depending on your definition of “buzzer-beater.”

The game in question was the regional final between Cleveland’s Garfield Heights Bulldogs and St. Ignatius Wildcats on Saturday. Garfield Heights eventually prevailed in two overtimes, but the big story for those of us without a horse in this race is the fact that each of the first four quarters ended with a buzzer-beater.

First St. Ignatius’ Ryan Berger hit this half-court shot to end the first quarter:

Then Garfield Heights’ Marreon Jackson hit a running two-pointer at the end of the second quarter:

After that everything went bananas, as the third quarter ended with a double buzzer-beater. First Garfield Heights’ Marreon Jackson hit a three-pointer with less than two seconds remaining in the third quarter. Then, somehow, St. Ignatius’ Ryan Berger managed to hit another half-court shot as time expired:

Finally, a high-arching three-pointer by Garfield Heights’ Shawn Christian, sent the game into overtime:

Unfortunately there were no buzzer-beaters in overtime. However, it was still close, with Garfield Heights squeaking past St. Ignatius 70-69.

Hell of a game, huh?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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