Johnny Manziel Tells TMZ He Wants to Bang Lots Of Hot B#tches

Johnny Manziel Club Chicks

It seems like Johnny Manziel can’t go one day without finding himself in the headlines. After getting cut by the Browns last week Manziel has been spending his time working on his game…as in his “drinking game.”

Manziel has been seen at the hottest clubs in West Hollywood—from The Nice Guy to The Roxy, he’s clearly not letting unemployment bring him down.

Last night he was spotted leaving PUMP on Santa Monica Boulevard, another trendy spot owned by reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump. As usual TMZ photographers were there to document the whole thing. When they asked Manziel if he plans to return to the NFL he told them, “I’ll definitely be back, but I need to bang some hot b*tches first.” He added, “And I’m talking about going raw dog. No condoms, no worries, just living life.”

His last comments about not wearing protection were welcomed by Antonio Cromartie, who’s also another currently unemployed NFL player. Cromartie has 12 kids with 7 different women. He told the New York Daily News, “I treat my sex life, like my play on the field…raw all day, every day. I think it’s great Johnny ain’t slapping on Jimmys. There’s no mention of condoms in the Bible. God intended sex to be natural, so I’m just fulfilling his will. If that means I have 26 kids, then it was meant to happen.”

If Manziel takes Cromartie’s advice, expect a new litter of Johnny Footballs to be seen in the near future.


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