Nike Unveils The Playoff Version of the LeBron 13s (Video)

Lebron 13

Apparently, NBA fans aren’t the only ones thinking that LeBron and the Cavs could use a little help once the NBA playoffs come around. Nike went ahead and tweaked the LeBron 13s to create a shoe that would give him a little extra edge in the playoffs—or provide them with a slightly-revised product to promote when the league’s audience is the largest.

The LeBron 13 Elite features a new Kurim cage, a carbon fiber shank, and two extra hexagons per side. I have no idea what any of that means, but I suppose hexagons are a good thing if Nike’s adding more of them.

The LeBron 13 launches on April 14th, and will be available in the pictured red initially, then white and black versions later.

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