Pennsylvania Man Stabbed to Death in Argument Over New Jersey Devils Hat (Mugshot)

steven simminger mug shot new jersey devils hat

Early Sunday morning, after a night of St. Patrick’s Day partying in Philadelphia, a 24-year-old man named Colin McGovern took a cab to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square with three of his friends to look for a hotel. As they were walking around, they passed a man wearing a New Jersey Devils hat at about 3 a.m. and said something to him.

At this point we don’t know what they said. What we do know is that the man in the Devils hat, a 40-year-old Gulf War veteran from New Jersey named Steven Simminger, turned around and confronted the four men, eventually stabbing McGovern multiple times in the chest and killing him.

Simminger fled the scene after the stabbing. However, he turned up at a VA hospital around 7 a.m. to be treated for cuts to his hand and to be “mentally evaluated.” After telling hospital workers that he had been in a “confrontation,” they called the police, who then came and arrested him.

steven simminger new jersey devils hat murder
Hopefully it will turn out that Simminger suffered from mental illness. That certainly won’t undo the tragedy or make the friends and family of Colin McGovern feel any better. But the rest of society would probably feel better knowing there was something more going on, and that Simminger didn’t murder somebody because they made fun of his favorite hockey team.

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