The NFL and NFLPA Are Both Working to Remove Goodell’s Disciplinary Powers


It would make sense that the NFLPA would want Roger Goodell removed from the disciplinary process. His rulings over the past several years have been widely criticized as arbitrary and more focused on the impact to the league than to the players or teams. So it’s not shocking that the NFLPA is working towards finding a new way of meting out punishment to its players.

What’s very surprising (borderline shocking) is that the NFL is completely on board with this. Sure, Goodell has said that he’s open to other disciplinary arrangements. (In September, he stated, “I am open to changing my role. It’s become extremely time-consuming, and I have to be focused on other issues. I’ve discussed this with owners.”) But no one really expected him to do it.

The fact is, as power hungry as Goodell’s detractors claim he is, discipline is largely a no-win proposition, and given Goodell’s track record, the benefit of the doubt left a long time ago. However, work needs to be done on both sides, and there’s no clear solution both sides are working towards, but don’t be surprised if Goodell works to shed this role by the end of summer.

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