Carmelo Believes His Loyalty To The Knicks Has Come Back To Bite Him In The A**


Carmelo Anthony had a chance to leave the New York Knicks, but he wanted to stick it out hoping the grass would be greener on the side he’s already on. NOPE. The grass is just dirt, even though the Knicks have a palm tree growing in the backyard in Kristaps Porzingis, there is little hope that this team will contend anytime in the future.

Carmelo sat down with Yahoo’s Marc J. Spears for a Q & A and had this to say:

 “I guess I have all the power. If I really wanted to get out of this situation I could have waived that no-trade clause. But I’ve stuck with it and I’m still sticking with it. I don’t know, maybe my loyalty has come back to bite me in the ass. As of right now, I am sticking to it.”

More questions & answers:

Q: In your Knicks tenure, a co-star, Amaré Stoudemire, struggled mightily with injuries before departing and there have been coaching and front-office changes. How different has your time with New York been than was expected?
Anthony: “There was so much I kind of had to go through from the amount of players I had to play with every year, coach changes, GMs, presidents. Since I’ve been here I don’t think there has been any consistency with the core that has been there. When I got there Amaré was there, and I figured I would be there for a long time. We had a run that year [East semifinals, 2012-13] with Jason [Kidd] and everybody.
“I had a feeling we would build off of that, even though those guys were kind of older. Just build off of that momentum, seeing the way guys wanted to play and guys that we wanted around. And the next year they cleaned everything out.”
Q: The odds are that you are going to see another coach …
Anthony: “Yeah. Yeah. And more players. I just shake my head to it. Someone asked me, ‘Why haven’t you complained about it?’ Complaining doesn’t get me anywhere. I always feel like I can get through the situation and make it better.”
Q: Why do you still have hope it can work in New York?
Anthony: “I got hope in myself. I do have to believe in the process. I don’t want to say this was all part of the plan coming back [to New York]. This is a big, big summer.”

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