Siri Knows That If You Say ‘Sadness’, You’re Looking for the Cleveland Browns

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In what isn’t exactly a huge leap of logic, Siri has taken to respond to the word “sadness” by directing people in Cleveland to First Energy Stadium, home of their middling Cleveland Browns. It’s not the first time Siri’s had some fun with a request, and I doubt Browns fan can really take offense to this.

Saying the Browns are sad is pretty much a statement of fact.

Here’s a screencap of what’s pulled up in maps. Siri will lead you right to the Sadness Headquarters:


Maybe instead of just diagnosing the problem, Siri could do something like help the Browns draft a reliable quarterback or fill some front office positions.

At least when you’re done getting all sad, you can head next door to the Great Lakes Science Center. Really make a day of soaking up the Cleveland sights. And don’t forget the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

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