BREAKING: Cleveland Browns Sign Female Vine Star As Their Starting QB (Video)

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In a historical move the Cleveland Browns have signed a female online star as their next starting quarterback. Kelly Wiseberg became an Internet sensation with her six second vine videos. In the videos she demonstrated enough arm strength, agility, and foot work to impress the Cleveland. Browns General Manager Paul DePodesta told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “For the past 20 years we’ve been unable to find the right fit at quarterback. Basically since Bernie Kosar left we haven’t been able to lock down a franchise quarterback. But we think we found a diamond in the rough in Kelly.

Wiseberg is now the first female ever to sign with an NFL team. Many are celebrating the signing as a huge win for women’s rights, but some players on the Browns aren’t very please with the direction the franchise is taking. All Pro offensive tackle Joe Thomas told ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “Just when I thought our organization couldn’t get any lower we do this. For the past 10 seasons I’ve worked my tail end on off. Now they’re giving the keys to the franchise to a vine star. I don’t even care that it’s a female…it’s a vine star. Last year I had to block for that drunken idiot Manziel. Now they want me to protect the blind side of someone who became famous from six second videos. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Browns fans on social media have given mixed reactions. Twitter user @Browns4Ever tweeted:

“At least she probably won’t show up drunk to practice like our last quarterback.”

While user @CleTownWarrior wrote:

“Who knows, maybe we found a diamond in the rough. It’s too early to tell how she’ll perform. But I have faith she’ll work out.”

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