Rymer Liriano Suffers Facial Fractures after Beanball to the Head (Video)


Some upsetting news came out of Phoenix yesterday as Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Rymer Liriano incurred some broken bones in his face after finding himself on the receiving end of an (accidental) beanball to the head from Matt West of the LA Dodgers.

The errant pitch hit the left side of Liriano’s face, causing him to fall straight to the ground. By the time he was strapped to the board and taken off the field, his face was already quite swollen.

His teammate Jimmy Nelson said of the incident, “We’re all praying for him. It’s tough for him and his family. Hopefully, everything comes back, and he’s OK, and it’s not too severe. It is tough, and it kind of makes you appreciate every day.”

Liriano is apparently conscious but the risk of long-term damage remains, pending further examination.

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