TNT Reporter Craig Sager Says His Cancer Is Back (Video)


This is just horrible news. You can’t find a single person who doesn’t like TNT’s Craig Sager and his flamboyant suits that he wears for every game that he covers. We don’t see much of Sager nowadays due to his ongoing battle with leukemi that according to the legend is back once again.

“I’ve already had two stem cell transplants. Very rarely does somebody have a third. So I have to maintain my strength, so I can go through this,” Sager said. “Still kicking, still fighting. I haven’t won the battle. It’s not over yet. But I haven’t lost it, either. There have been some victories and some setbacks, but I still have to fight it. A lot of work to do.”

Sager was initially diagnosed with cancer in April 2014 but resumed covering the NBA in March 2015 after going into remission.

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