Report: 7 New NFL Rules Just Approved; All Chop Blocks Are Illegal, ETC.


On Tuesday, the NFL approved a list of rules that are effective immediately this coming 2016 season. Most notably, the ‘Chris Webber’ rule where it states if an NFL team tries to call a timeout when it doesn’t have one left, it will now be penalized for a delay of game.

Next, the chop block rule in which one player blocks and opponent high while another chops at his legs, is now considered illegal.

“The chop block rule was one of seven rules passed on Tuesday, the second day of the league’s annual meetings. Other new rules include a permanent move of the point after attempt to the 15-yard line; an expanded horse collar rule to include any grabbing above the name plate on the back of a jersey; and the allowance for coordinators to use coach-to-player communication from the booth.”

Here’s the full list:

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