Johnny Manziel Upsets Jim Brown in Cleveland Sports March Madness Bracket

johnny manziel upsets jim brown cleveland sports march madness bracket

Everybody on the internet busts out bracket-themed features this time of year. Food blog? Burger bracket! Movie blog? Actions stars of the 90s bracket! Pop culture blog? Fashion disaster bracket! You know the drill. Readers vote, someone or something is crowned champion. It’s good times.

This year the folks over at decided to do a Cleveland sports March Madness bracket, pitting Cleveland’s 64 biggest sports icons against each other to find out who let the city down the least. They picked 16 players each from the Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, and Buckeyes, with each team constituting a “region.” Then they ranked the players from each team. NFL legend Jim Brown was the #1 seed in the Browns region. LeBron James was #1 in the Cavs region. Hall of Famer Bob Feller was #1 in the Indians region. And Buckeye’s great Archie Griffin was #1 in the Ohio State region.

Voting for the first round concluded at 11:59pm on Sunday. And it went exactly how you’d expect something having anything to do with the Cleveland Browns to go: terribly wrong.

Using the hashtag #WreckThisPoll, Twitter user @Reflog_18 rallied a group of people together to vote early and often for #16 seed Johnny Manziel. The result was a shocking 68-32 victory over Jim Brown, who is regarded by many as the greatest running back in the history of the NFL.

Why’d they do it? Doug Lesmerises, the writer behind the bracket, reached out to @Reflog_18 (real name Chris McNeil) for an explanation. Here’s what he had to say:

The opportunity for a sixteen seed to upset a one seed is a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. I used that message to get people pumped to do something great…I would expect Johnny to put this above his Heisman on his list of life achievements. Certainly the crowning achievement for Johnny Manziel in Cleveland… My biggest concern is the Johnny Manziels going Billy Manziel, but, if we stay focused, Johnny can win the whole thing. The establishment is scared of that outcome—I have even heard talk of a brokered final. We can’t worry about that at this point.

So in other words, everything is meaningless to Browns fans and they just want to watch the world burn.

Needless to say, the folks at are making some changed to the voting procedures for Round 2. Fans will now only be able to vote one time per visit.

That’s not going to prevent the anarchists from voting Johnny Manziel all the way to the Cleveland sports Final Four. But it will make it slightly more time-consuming.

Want to vote yourself? Yeah you do. So click here.

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