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NFL Rolls Out Two Big Rules Changes for the 2016 Season

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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The NFL owners circled up as they so often do to discuss rules changes and ended up implementing two that should actually have a pretty significant impact on games during the 2016 season.

First up, a touchback will move the ball to the 25-yard line, not the 20. This is hopefully a slight discouragement to just kick the ball out the back of the end zone, an occurrence that’s becoming more and more common with stronger kickers.

The second rule will eject a player that gets two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game. It’s hard to imagine many people would argue with this, especially after seeing debacles like the Odell Beckham-Josh Norman back-and-forth late last season.

At the moment, these rule changes will only be implemented for the 2016 season, but they could become permanent should the league view them as a success while evaluating their effects at the end of the year.