Emmanuel Mudiay’s Game-Winning Half-Court Shot Hung in the Air FOR-EVER (Video)

buzzer beater

The Philadelphia 76ers don’t have much to celebrate this season. They’re not even notable as the worst team in NBA history. They’re just really bad. And their bad news, Charlie Brown-type of season slogged on for one more game as Denver Nugget Emmanuel Mudiay hit a doozy of a shot to overcome a two-point deficit and give his Nuggets a one-point victory over the Sixers last night.

Just…just take a look:

He really threw that one up from the ground, didn’t he? And then it almost hit the rafters before coming back down. That might be the weirdest buzzer-beater we’ve seen this year.

The Nuggets aren’t exactly a powerhouse, either, but they’ve gotta be enjoying the unlikely turn of events, right? How do you defend against that? And why were there only sixteen people in the stands at such a closely-contested game?

The departing fans missed one hell of an awesome ending.

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