Tom Brady and Family Are Horseback Riding on Vacation…And Making Broncos Jokes (Pic)


Earlier this week we showed a pic of Tom Brady and wife Gisele soaking up sun and surfing in Costa Rica. They’re beautiful people, and they looked like they were having fun. Good for them.

Today, horseback riding was on the itinerary, and it looks like it was more of a family affair, as their kids (or some children they stole) hit the trail with them.

There was an opportunity to make a terrible pun about broncos with this pic. Do you think Tom Brady took it?

Tom Brady took it.

This bronco seems to like me more than Von Miller does…

Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Lame joke, Tom. But your life is amazing, so we’ll let it slide.

One stray observation: It’s a little odd that the kids are wearing helmets but he and the wife aren’t. I guess $20 million per year isn’t a big enough reason to protect your head?

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