Rajon Rondo Hopes The Dallas Mavericks Miss The Playoffs

rondo There’s nobody on the Sacramento Kings roster that enjoyed the 133-111 beatdown on Sunday they gave to the Dallas Mavericks more than former PG of the team, Rajon Rondo. He has a message for the team after the game.

“Yeah, I want them to get their plane ticket as soon as we get ours,” said Rondo, via ESPN. “So anytime we can help, that’s what I try to get these guys (his teammates) to focus on.”

Rondo, who had had 11 points and 11 assists in the win vs. Dallas clashed with Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle during his time there, ultimately quitting on the team during the playoffs. He’s well aware that the Kings are not going to the playoffs, he would love it if the Mavs would join them as well.

“If we’re not going to make the playoffs, then let’s help some of these guys go home with us,” Rondo said.

The Mavericks (35-38) have now dropped 10 of 12 games and are currently ninth in the Western Conference standings, trailing the Rockets by half a game for the final playoff spot. Rondo might get his wish.

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