Sabres’ David Legwand Wipes His Nose on Teammate’s Shoulder (Video)

david legwand

You might read that headline and think what I meant was “David Legwand wiped his nose with his hand, then wiped his hand on his teammate’s jersey.”

Nope. Legwand, an efficient person, cut out the middleman by wiping his nose directly on the sleeve of his teammate.

The unlucky recipient was Marcus Foligno, who seemed to be blissfully unaware of the whole incident, but undoubtedly woke up today to learn that his teammate had been treating him like a Kleenex. That must be hard to come to terms with.

Here’s a video of the awesome incident. I mean, gloves can be a real pain to get on and off, and Marcus probably had three buffer layers between his body and the jersey, right?

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