Eagles Fan Gets Photo with Tom Brady, Trolls Patriots Fans by Calling Him “F–kboi” on Twitter

eagles fan gets photo with tom brady fuckboi twitter

As you may have heard, Tom Brady and Gisele were in Costa Rica last week, surfing, riding horses, and just generally being rich sexy people.

On the way home from Costa Rica, though, they had to go through airport security just like the rest of us losers. And it was there that they met an Eagles fan named Ian Servantes.

Servantes, an editor over at Complex, didn’t notice Brady first. He noticed Gisele. And he tweeted about it, making sure to call Tom a “fuckboi”:

After that he asked Tom if he could take a photo with him. Then he posted that photo on Twitter, again calling Tom a “fuckboi”:

Of course, Servantes was just talking shit, because that’s what Eagles fans do. Servantes doesn’t actually think Tom Brady is a fuckboi, and he actually said as much in his very next tweet:

But that didn’t matter to Patriots fans. They blacked out with rage as soon as they saw the word “fuckboi.” Then they unleashed that rage on Servantes:

eagles fan gets photo with tom brady 1
eagles fan gets photo with tom brady 2
eagles fan gets photo with tom brady 3
eagles fan gets photo with tom brady 4
So to recap: Eagles fan jokingly calls Tom Brady a name. Eagles fan then says naw, JK, Brady’s actually really nice. But Patriots fans explode with rage anyway.

You gotta love the internet.

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