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Ridiculous Jonathan Quick Stick Save Robs Logan Couture (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, March 29, 2016

ridiculous jonathan quick stick save robs logan couture

Monday night’s Kings-Sharks game carried important playoff implications. Kings win and they maintain their three-point lead over the Ducks at the top of the Pacific Division and climb to within two points of Dallas and St. Louis for first place in the Western Conference. Sharks win and they clinch a playoff spot and move five points behind the Kings in the Pacific.

Not surprisingly, the game had a distinct playoff vibe. The Kings opened the scoring in the first period, but the Sharks tied the game three minutes later. The Sharks took the lead midway through the second period, but the Kings tied it with just over four minutes remaining.

Then, with the clock running out on the second period, this ridiculous Jonathan Quick stick save robbed Logan Couture:

You can hardly blame Logan Couture for raising his hand in celebration. I mean sure, he was looking right at the goal when the puck his Quick’s paddle. But he probably didn’t believe his eyes. I wouldn’t have.

Just look at where Jonathan Quick was at the moment the puck left Couture’s stick:

jonathan quick stick save

Given Quick’s position, I’d say a shot located on the left side of the goal winds up in the net 995 times out of 1000. That was just a miraculous save.

Unfortunately for the Kings, they could not harness that momentum heading into the third period, and the Sharks wound up winning 5-2.